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LEDline - Linear, LED, guidance lighting systems

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LEDline® is used for improving road, airfield, marine, mining and military safety and efficiency, by providing lit guidance anywhere, as well as outlining structures for aesthetics.

LEDline is a linear, encapsulated LED lighting guidance system of embedded LEDs within a clear solid plastic matrix, which can be daylight or nighttime visible and is induction powered and connected (no hard wiring) or DC powered.

LEDline is tough; corrosion proof; submersible; will take the weight of a ¾+ million pound aircraft, such as an A-380 or Boeing 747; could be explosion proof (needs certification); and is visible in just about any weather including; fogs; blizzards; snow whiteouts; heavy rains; dust storms; or any other bad weather.

 LEDline is installed for lit in-pavement guidance markings, in roads, airfields, helipads, anywhere; for highlighting and outlining barriers, signage and buildings; or for lighting / highlighting in the marine, mining and military environments.

LEDline can significantly reduce the costs of improving road safety and road efficiency,as wellas economically expanding road / bridge or tunnel capacity by being able to create extra lanes during rush hours on already built infrastructure. By having dynamic road markings, toll booth lanes can be highlighted, or perhaps more, (narrower) lanes could be created on congested roads where traffic is moving at less than 40KMH (25MPH). Done with sunlight / daylight visible lit in-pavement markings, these lit markings could be switch on or off, altering the road lane configuration as needed, and would be a fraction of the cost of building new roads, bridges, tunnels.

Find out more about LEDLINE at the web site found here :

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