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Troubleshooting computer sound issues Featured

Written by  wale soyinka
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This tech-ER article covers some troubleshooting steps that you can follow to fix or ascertain the root cause of "no sound" on a computer.



  • This first tip may seem obvious, but make sure that the sound is not muted from within your operating system (windows XP, Ubuntu, Vista etc)
  • Ensure that the speakers are plugged into the correct audio jack. This is usually color coded "green". The speakers may also be accidentally plugged into the microphone jack.
  • Try changing or swapping out the speakers with a spare one. You can also test with a regular computer headset. If you get or hear sound through the headset, it means that the issue is with the main speakers. And this also means that there is nothing wrong with your computer.
  • This one may be a little more tricky, but you should ensure that the sound driver for your audio device is correctly installed in your operating system.
  • In the unlikely event that the soundcard (onboard or card) on the main system is damaged, you can may want to try purchasing one these cheap external usb sound cards.


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