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Where can i listen to music online

Written by  kayla subica
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The music business is changing, as we all know, and no one is purchasing albums anymore. We are all downloading our the Internet...FOR FREE! 

Now, there are many ways to do this. We have all downloaded music software in the past, like Sharebear, Kazaa, and Limewire. These programs take up a lot of unnecessary space on your computer. They in turn slow your computer and due to downloading from unknown sources, open your computer up to viruses. Most of us have taken our computers in to get repaired due to this issue. We follow up by downloading these systems again, and so the cycle continues!  


Due to the past experiences many have had with Limewire, Kazza, Sharebear and many other music downloading applications many have begun to use WWW.YOUTUBE.COM . Although this website allows the user to search for and listen to their favourite songs instantaneously, it does not keep a convenient personal play list or its users.

  I want to introduce a new way to find and store music that does not slow down your computer. This is a fairly new WEBSITE , where you upload, not download your favourite songs.

  I encourage you to visit WWW.GROVESHARK.COM

 This website was created in 2007 and now has over 17 million users due to the fact that it does not slow down your computer. WWW.GROVESHARK.COM is a website that enables you to upload onto an online file all of your online songs. Theses songs are not stored on your computer, instead they are saved on your groveshark user profile. In lame terms this means you can log into your groveshark profile from any computer and have your music readily available.

 WWW.GROVESHARK.COM also has a feature that not many other music streaming websites offer, the RADIO feature. This feature suggests, and plays songs that you will enjoy based on your personal music preference. Judged by your music collection! 

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