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How can I use the Internet to stay in shape?

Written by  kayla subica
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Lance is an absolute fitness Advocate and a professional road racing cyclist. In October 2006, he was diagnosed with Brain and Testicular Cancer…

The doctors told him his outcome looked very poor, but Lance persevered and survived extensive surgery and chemotherapy. He continued to train and won the Tour de France 7 CONSECUTIVE TIMES! He won EACH YEAR from 1999 to 2005. He retired in 2005 but decided to come back and race in 2009 and placed 3rd at the age of 38! 


He has realized the importance of health and physical wellness in his own life and has created a convenient, all encompassing health and fitness website designed and created for people of all sizes, ages, and occupations. Now the internet has thousands of websites designed for weight loss and support…
but they don't compare to LIVESTRONG.COM. The website has the most features, articles, health tips and facts. It is personalized to every individual user and unlike most other wellness sites it is completely FREE. On you have your very own personal trainer with you at all times.

I encourage you to go to, and you can already see that there are 4 tips of the day up on screen and you immediately see “ Dare to change your life,” There are many dares, such as to quit smoking or loose ten pounds in four months or you can create your own. You are supported on the sight with many others who are following through with their personal dares! Also there are 6 categories visible as soon as you enter They are Health, Fitness, Diet & Nutrition, Tools, Inspiration and My Plate. All of these 6 headings are packed with helpful tips, stories, recipes and support. My favorite of all of these has been the last feature to the right labeled My Plate .I was so confused when I read it the first time too! Trust me though, it is so helpful and you can use this application on the go!Instead of researching and counting Calories yourself and trying to calculate exactly how much you ate that day, you enter what you have eaten here. So if you had a banana a coffee and cereal for breakfast you put in coffee banana and say a cup of cheerios and a cup of 2% milk in here and it calculates the calories for you! You would have to go on the internet and find out exactly how many calories the banana has and so on for your whole day! No more of that, now it is done for you!

This is where beats its competition, it is completely free number one, number two you can create your own account on the website to make caloric goals and log your calories and it saves it all for you so you can watch your progress! GUEST HOST let’s try an example, now we are already registered and logged in, click on my plate and then Calorie Goals, it is the second heading. Now let’s say I am 140 pounds and I want to lose 0.5 pounds perweek, I would simply put in the weight, height age and activity level and it will tell me how many calories to consume to match that goal…

And There you go! I can consume  1,854 calories per day to achieve those results! 

You can log in what you have ate on the go on your cell phone or at your desk at work, anywhere really, so I suggest you guys check it out! Also another helpful application on this websie called the Symptom checker! This application can be your own personal doctor, you put in your ailment, say your stomach hurts, click on the abdomin of the virtual person that comes up, and it will show you possible ailments as well as if they are contagious, how you may have got it, and what you can do to help it along.

I have created a public account that all can view, it is KaylaTech-ER on, check out my MyPlate and let it be your example of how to use the application!

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