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How can I connect my laptop to wireless network ?

Written by  abid ali
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Lots of people asking us how do you connect to the internet wirelessly? Today I will explain to you how the WHOLE wireless communications works. We use wireless technology in our everyday lives without even knowing it



  • Cell phones/headphones/printers

  • Now the main question everyone is asking, what is wireless technology?

  • 20 years ago, we did not have much in terms of wireless technology.

    • Show picture of old telephone connected to wall

  • Technology has taken great leaps and bounds since then

  • The basic purpose of wireless technology is to give us the convenience to move around

    • Older technology limited us from taking our computers out of our house

      • Now you can do business on the airplane or study for your exams at a coffee shop

  • What wireless will let you do is that if you have a computer in every room in your house and you do not want to take a wire to every room; you can use, what is known as a wireless router to connect all those computers to the internet.

  • A wireless router allows you to connect one or several CPU’s to the internet without the jumble and the mess of wires going thru out your house.

  • But it is not enough to just have a wireless router in your house; your computer also needs to have the hardware required to be able to work with the wireless router. This hardware is known as a wireless card.

    • Most new computer and laptops nowadays come equipped with a wireless card But if you have a computer that does not have one in there, you can buy one and either install it yourself (which is extremely easy) or get it installed in your computer

  • Once you have a wireless card installed in your computer, you will need to buy a ‘Wireless Router’

    • Show the wireless router box

  • Most wireless routers support a range of up to 150 feet indoors and 300 feet outdoors; stronger routers will obviously allow you a longer range

  • Instructions that come with a wireless router are dummy proof and can be installed by almost anyone

  • Internet on phone

    • Smart phone – Blackberry, iphone

  • Makes life simpler by allowing you to check email, facebook, bank accounts, organize your life

  • Call your service provider and ask for a ‘data plan’

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