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Choosing the right iPod (mp3 player) Featured

Written by  amanda cupido

Nano, gigabyte, mp3, 6th generation… what?

Trying to purchase a device to play your music seems to have a language of its own. With technological lingo everywhere, it seems that we might need to take a step back and simplify things for a moment.


An mp3 player is the device you’d purchase to play music. Mp3 is another way of saying audio file. The most popular mp3 players on the market are made by Apple and are known as iPods.

There are many different designs of iPods so it’s important to know what you want in an mp3 player. The smallest iPod is called the shuffle. There’s no screen and weighs 0.44 ounces. This makes it optimal for workout sessions. It has 2 gigabytes (G) of space, which means it can hold about 500 songs. This costs around $49.

The iPod Nano is the newest on the market (6th generation). It has a touch screen and is slightly bigger than the Shuffle. It comes in 8G (which is about 2000 songs) and 16G (4000 songs). It’s priced at $159 to $189.

The iPod Touch is the mp3 player that looks similar to an iPhone. It also has a touch screen and weighs 3.56 ounces. This iPod would be ideal if you want to take advantage of music, videos and games on a larger screen than the newest Nano. It is offered in 8G, 32G and 64G. The price ranges from $229 to $399, depending on how many gigabytes you want.  

Lastly, the iPod Classic is the largest when it comes to size and memory space. It is 4.9 ounces but has 160G. The cost? $249.

All iPods need 3-4 hours of charge time for the battery to be full. For more information you can check out the Apple store website at



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  • Comment Link Friday, 24 August 2012 00:47 posted by Chutipon

    If you want to send emails you need the Wi-Fi. I alaredy own an iPod classic. The iPod Touch is great for Web browsing; you could go on Facebook while you eat at a food court or a cafe. My husband and I plan to share one iPod Touch.If it is the music that interests you, get the classic. The lighter Nano is more practical if you want to use it at the gym.

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