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tech-ER Season 2 - episode 1 Intro

Written by  wale soyinka

Welcome to tech-ER season 2 Intro.

Every episode of the show tackles different complicated technology topics and issues, breaks them down into simple and easy to understand formats that everyday people can understand.


It helps its viewers understand and cope with today's mainstream technologies. As much as possible, the show tries to use low-tech methodologies to explain high-tech!


tech-ER is NOT meant for other technology enthusiasts (Geeks). Instead it is designed for regular people that have to interact with and use technology in its different forms. The technology areas featured include (but is not limited to) - The Internet, Cameras, Telecommunications, Computers, Health care, The Environment, Science, Entertainment, Education, Toasters etc.


tech-ER is produced by caffe*nix.

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